This is how dynamic Mega Man looks in this incredible figure

This is how dynamic Mega Man looks in this incredible figure

Over the past decade it seemed that Capcom had neglected the Mega Man franchise to such an extent that fans longed for an important return that lived up to classic deliveries. Fortunately, Capcom’s latest efforts to bring him back are bearing fruit and to celebrate the character an expensive figure was announced inspired by his recent appearance in Mega Man 11.

The manufacturer in charge of this statue is First 4 Figures, widely recognized for the quality of its video game related products. On this occasion, the company revealed that it will produce a Mega Man figure just as it appears in the promotional image of Mega Man 11, with a scale of 1: 4. Together with the design of the robot, under it there will be smoke produced by an explosion and all this will be placed on a special base. Something to note is that, although the entire figure will be made of resin, the texture will be different according to the parts, this can be clearly seen in the glossy finish of the metal sections of the Blue Bomber armor, and some will even have details They resemble wear.

There will also be an exclusive edition that will have the same parts, but the Mega Buster, the helmet, the boots, the explosion and the base will have a light indicator that will give a more interesting effect if the surrounding lighting is modulated.

But there will also be an exclusive edition that will include all of the above, as well as some additional elements. This figure will feature an enemy Metall and a missile with LED functions that add to the scene they add much more dynamism and we are sure that it is the edition that fans will prefer.

The basic and exclusive edition will cost $ 429.99 USD, while the final edition will cost $ 499.99 USD. But you can take advantage of a special discount for moving your unit in advance (until February 10). With this promotion, the price is reduced to $ 386.99 USD and $ 449.99 USD. Orders are expected to begin distribution until the first quarter of 2021

We leave you with a video of the different versions
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