Fortnite is updated to reach 120 FPS on console and add a game mode traced to Among Us

Fortnite is updated to reach 120 FPS on console and add a game mode traced to Among Us

Most interesting of all is the integration of a game mode that mirrors the extremely popular Among Us, where 10 players will meet and two of them are spies. The spies must kill the rest of the players before they complete all their tasks to win the game, and all this with the possibility of calling a meeting if we suspect a player or have seen something strange, being at the time of the meeting when You can chat by voice, let’s go, trace how the users of Among Us play. Starting December 15th, you can jump into the queue for The Spy Within MTL to enjoy new The Spy Within games developed by a talented team of creators. We want to thank DolphinDom, KKSlider, Bunni_, Wert, Blanky, jstKamui, MackJack, Ritual and Snownymous for everything. Every few days, we will feature a new The Spy Inside game in the queue at the MTL to showcase their work. Complete the The Spy Within Challenge Pack to unlock the event-exclusive Skateboard Deck variant and more.


At the start of the game, all everyone knows is which team they belong to. The identity of the other players is a mystery.

Two players, the spies, will try to eliminate the other players without revealing their identity. They must do so before the team completes its objectives.

Eight players, the agents, will work together to identify the spies and kick them out before they eliminate the other players. Agents must collect gold coins by completing objectives to win.

Players will not be able to use voice chat to talk to each other unless they are in a meeting. Players can call meetings whenever they suspect another player.

Now they can talk and discuss who they are suspicious of. If they decide to kick someone out, that player will be eliminated. Spies must be careful not to raise suspicions and be expelled!

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