They use Ring Fit Adventure control to exercise and play Breath of the Wild

They use Ring Fit Adventure control to exercise and play Breath of the Wild

We know that today almost any controller can be used to play an unorthodox video game. This has been demonstrated very well by YouTube user Super Louis 64 and to continue with his line of videos demonstrating that this is possible, he recently encouraged himself to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the controls of Ring Fit Adventure, one of the most complicated, because in addition to skill requires excellent physical condition.

The youtuber Super Louis 64, known for passing games with various controls, recently published a video showing how complicated it can be to save Hyrule with the Ring Fit Adventure ring, the Ring-Con. According to the user, to make Link move, it was necessary that it be in constant motion, otherwise, no command would be registered in the Joy-Con, so Link would remain still. Thus, the player had to play while jogging in front of the TV.

As you can imagine, this represented a great challenge for Super Louis 64, since not only did it require a physical condition to keep moving for a long period, but it would also have to have sufficient stability so as not to miss the aim in the control sections with movement of the Ring-Con. Link control would also have an important limitation due to the lower number of buttons, which would focus on a single control, since the other was attached to the player’s leg.

The result was satisfactory in the end, because even Super Louis 64 was able to overcome a sanctuary. However, we do not doubt that the most advanced will represent a huge challenge.

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