Free games: Cities: Skylines are giving away for PC

Free games: Cities: Skylines are giving away for PC

The Christmas season is here. In a year when it is best to stay at home, there is no better gift than a video game. It seems that Epic Games knows this and that is why they prepared a big surprise for their community. What happens is that the Epic Games Store updated its gift game.

Now the PC game store is giving out free copies of Cities: Skylines for anyone who wants to own one. In case you didn’t know, Cities: Skylines is a city simulation game that was born in response to the bad times that SimCity was going through. In fact, many consider him a kind of spiritual successor. So, like the EA franchise, it is a game in which you will have to build a city and manage several of its elements to ensure that it is a successful and vibrant city.

Keep in mind that the Epic Games Store will be giving away many more games in the coming days. In fact, this is just the beginning of your Christmas gifts. Every 24 hours for the next few days of the year, Epic Games will give away a new game to its community.

This is a great time to expand your PC game collection, so don’t miss out. Until now, Epic Games has kept secret the entire list of gifts it prepared for the entire community. That said, rumors claim that it will include some very juicy releases, although the Cities: Skylines announcement seems to indicate that it was all fake. We will keep an eye on you to inform you about the games that are among the gifts.

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