A crossover between Punch-Out and DOOM, Modder makes it possible

A crossover between Punch-Out and DOOM, Modder makes it possible

The community of modders on PC is capable of making the least probable combinations a reality and this time one of its members decided that it was time to give Little Mac, the legendary boxer from Punch-Out !!, more opportunities to go for the championship And this would only be possible by taking your game onto the DOOM grounds.

If anyone ever thought that a crossover between Punch-Out would be interesting !! and DOOM is time for you to see the result as modder “ddadd” used DOOM II wad to give NES boxing game a 3D touch to allow integration of new moves. The result was a version of Punch-Out !! In which Liittle Mac appears to be in a 3D ring and can now make lateral movements that allow him to avoid the blows of rivals such as Glass Joe, Soda Popinski or Mike Tyson himself.

In terms of presentation there is not much attention to detail, since the mod focuses on giving new possibilities to the gameplay, so if you are not interested in seeing any other figure or background out of place there will be no problem.

Finally, this crossover, for which zDoom and a copy of the FPS is needed, features a surprise mode where Little Mac must overcome all his rivals through racers like DOOM II to face a new boss.

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