A new video shows us 20 minutes of Diablo IV gameplay

A new video shows us 20 minutes of Diablo IV gameplay

Yesterday, the YouTube channel “GAMEPLAY PS” published a video showing twenty minutes of Diablo IV gameplay, more specifically of the mission “A Light in the Dark”. It appears to be a recent beta version of the game, as several fans have found gameplay and visual differences between this version of the mission and the one shown in a GameInformer video released in November last year.

As we also reported around those dates, Diablo IV will be darker and more serious than Diablo III. In addition, new locations include wastelands, greyish deserts, caves surrounded by meat, rotting crypts, swamps, and infested cities.

The game, in turn, will have no offline mode and cannot be played without an internet connection. The title will also feature cosmetic microtransactions and cross-matching support between all of its platforms, and will tell a “great story” throughout its expansions.

Diablo 4 is still in development, and there is no release date announced. Without further ado, here we leave you the twenty minutes of gameplay:

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