Incredible number of games that came to Steam in 2019

Incredible number of games that came to Steam in 2019

Despite the arrival of the Epic Games Store, Steam is still one of the most popular video game platforms on PC. Since its launch in 2003, the Valve service receives hundreds of games and programs every year. As expected, 2019 was no exception, as there were many releases on Steam.

Thanks to SteamSpy (via PCGamesN), we know the estimated number of games Steam received last year. You could say that the balance was positive, as Steam managed to beat his 2018 release record.

According to the information, Steam received in 2019 the negligible amount of 8290 launches. That figure includes both games and other software. It is important to clarify that the number does not count downloadable content.

To put this in perspective, Steam had 8234 launches in 2018, while in 2017 the figure reached 6339 games. In 2014, the platform had only 1676 premieres, which clearly indicates Steam’s growth in recent years.

However, the increase in games from 2018 to 2019 was not considerable. Because of this it is estimated that it is a standard brand that is likely to be equal or slightly exceeded in 2020 and in the coming years.

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