Jim Carrey compared his Sonic character with a Batman villain

Jim Carrey compared his Sonic character with a Batman villain

Many expect the Sonic the Hedgehog movie as they are passionate fans of SEGA’s blue hedgehog. However, there is another sector of the community that is excited to see Jim Carrey again on the big screen, one of the most important actors in the cast.

His participation in the Paramount Pictures film has generated quite an expectation and it is even believed that the reflectors could be stolen with his interpretation of Dr. Eggman, a villain also known as Dr. Robotnik.

Carrey’s followers hope to see, above all, how he will interpret an antagonist on this occasion, who does not have the typical humor that has dedicated the actor. Carrey himself spoke recently about his role during a meeting with Comic Book.

Throughout the interview, a comparison is made between Dr. Eggman and one of Batman’s most mysterious villains: Riddler, best known in our region as Riddler. The actor was satisfied with the simile and talked about it.

Carrey believes that the characters would form a good dumbbell, as both seek a certain way to “put their mark on the whole world.” Of course the actor knows what he says, as he played Riddler in Batman Forever, 1995 film.

“I would not put one against the other. I think they would be a great team. But you know, it is as if Robotnik and each super villain came basically from a place of abandonment with a feeling of utter worthlessness, which materializes in magnificent creations that are designed to control the world, put his mark on the whole world, ”he said the actor.

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