Fortnite Streamer surprises her mother by paying all her school expenses

Fortnite Streamer surprises her mother by paying all her school expenses

In some countries, school expenses tend to be very high, so parents usually plan what their children’s education will represent in their savings. This is the case of Aydan Conrad, a famous professional player and Fortnite Streamer, who recently surprised his mother in a transmission by informing him that he had covered all the school expenses he owed.

In a recent stream (via The Loadout), professional player Aydan Conrad took advantage of the transmission to surprise his mother that the debt generated by her studies was paid off, so the woman should not worry about paying it anymore.

The professional player called his mother in a stream and revealed the “late Christmas gift”, after his mother repeated that no gift was necessary, that he had already done enough for her. However, the player continued and surprised her with the news, after the mother believed it impossible, since it was not a federal support to which she could have access. Even so, Conrad assured him that he had already fixed everything, after which Conrad’s mother broke into tears and moved him and the audience.

Still on the cell phone, Conrad explained that this was actually possible thanks to the support of his followers on Twitch, so afterwards Conrad’s mother thanked the audience and invited them to subscribe and become Prime.

The player is expected to have paid his school expenses thanks to the great impact he has on the streaming scene of Fortnite, taking into account that he has about 1.5 million followers on his Twitch channel, in addition to the important participation in official tournaments of the Battle Royale, in which he has earned more than $ 160,000 USD, according to Esports Earnings data. An interesting detail is that the player is only 20 years old and started on the Fortnite scene in 2016.

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