Zombie Army 4: Dead War store comes today at Epic Store

Zombie Army 4: Dead War comes today at Epic Store

Hitler’s hordes return for more in this chilling shooting game from the creators of Sniper Elite 4! Abominable hidden enemies, epic weapons and a heartbreaking new campaign of 1 to 4 players await you in the Europe of the 1940s! Fight to save humanity from Armageddon from the walking dead!

The resistance has defeated Hitler zombie and sent him to hell, but the walking dead have risen once more and are more hungry than ever!

Continue the alternative history of the Zombie Army trilogy with extensive new levels and discover the malicious plan that will take the survivor brigade across Italy and beyond!

Fight the forces of darkness in carcasses full of corpses, survive the zombie fauna and enter dark and unfathomable places … from which no one has left alive!

Improved dismemberment and death chamber
The death chamber returns with X-rays! Watch the gore of bullets, bombs and other weapons destroying bones and organs in slow motion with X-rays. Marvel at how your bullets tear off one or more rotten limbs and tremble when you see THAT THAT DOES NOT STOP THE DEAD!

Create your own warrior style as you rank up! Would you like to be a guardian angel? Take damage to protect your teammates! Do you love that turret? Why don’t you take it? Then, unlock new costumes, gestures and teasing to kill in style!

Take on legions of macabre zombies, gigantic armored elite units, terrifying gloomy demons, suicide bombers and many other surprises! When you are pointing the fleshy cannon of a zombie tank, you will wish you stayed behind the couch!

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