With this geeky hobby, Henry Cavill, actor of The Witcher, passes the quarantine

With this geeky hobby, Henry Cavill, actor of The Witcher, passes the quarantine

Coronavirus isolation is causing many jobs to stop. One of them is the production of The Witcher series, which would start in early February, but had to be suspended after the pandemic crisis. This has caused the members of the series to isolate themselves in their homes and find home activities. The most interesting case is that of Henry Cavill, since he revealed one of his lifelong passions that is helping him through the pandemic.

Through his official Instagram account, Cavill, an actor who plays Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series, shared an image in which he reveals his hobby of painting small Warhammer figures. According to Cavill, he is fond of figures produced by Games Workshop.

“So, as you can see here, it obviously looks like it’s something small like a miniature helmet … which it is. One of my favorite hobbies of a lifetime, which I have followed, but have not actively done, is this. A company called Games Workshop … or plastic drug as ‘we’ call it. I genuinely can’t get enough of the lore they’ve built in decades. They have been some of my most exciting readings! ”Said the actor.


As you can see, Cavill has been a geek fan for a long time, and with this he reaffirms his passion. In addition to this, the actor mentioned in his post that this time of isolation has helped him develop new skills (such as taking photos without using his hands) and hinted that there is an example of these new skills in the background. The blur does not allow to appreciate what it is about, but apparently they are writing skills. The actor mentioned that it may mean something, but did not reveal the surprise.

We leave you with Cavill’s photography

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