Sony reveals the PS5 logo: “We will know much more in the coming months”

Sony reveals the PS5 logo: "We will know much more in the coming months"

Sony has confirmed at a conference held at the CES 2020 Convention Center in Las Vegas that its next generation of consoles will be called PlayStation 5 or PS5 and that it will hit stores in late 2020. As the console anticipated months ago maintains its sales objective for the Christmas campaign of the new course already started.

Jim Ryan, CEO and president of PlayStation, has unveiled on the stage the official PlayStation 5 logo, the brand image of what will be its most advanced product in the video game sector: the font is not changed, nor the size of the logo thickness, simply the number.

5 main features to define PlayStation 5:

  • Ray-tracing (real-time plotting): a series of algorithms allow you to deduce the place of recidivism of light to improve effects and reflections in real time thanks to the accompanied processor, a graphic variant of the Radeon Navi families.
  • New DualShock control: which will have haptic functions for its vibration, more immersive; In addition to adaptive triggers benefiting from this technology.
  • 3D Sound Surround audio: with which you can make players “easily immerse themselves in the environment”, with sounds that will come from above, behind or both sides. It can be achieved thanks to Ray-tracing without resorting to specialized speakers.
  • Blu-ray Ultra HD drives: compatible with 4K resolution of 100 GB of storage.
  • High speed SSD storage
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