Diablo Immortal, a good successor to Diablo for mobile

Diablo Immortal, a good successor to Diablo for mobile

Blizzard has let us try a new version of this Immortal Devil (developed by NetEase) during the Blizzcon that confirms the good feelings we had last year and that has fallen with better foot within the most faithful circle of followers of the saga that , after the announcement of the promising Diablo 4 they have calmed down their spirits and seem to start seeing this Immortal in another way

If we compare the demonstrations of the Blizzcon 2018 with that of 2019 we find some differences at the playable level that begin with that on this occasion we have been able to enjoy more open and bigger scenarios than last year in which the demo was limited to exploring a Little dungeon This time we were able to visit a city called Wortham and the sites of the Ashwold Cemetery.

The “basic” mechanics of the Diablo saga has always been to grind to get different objects, something that is present, as it could not be otherwise, in Immortal, which offers us a very interesting system to equip the objects that we let’s find the flight, being able to put on that new piece of armor or wield that new sword when we take it directly from the ground by pressing the button, worth the redundancy, equipping, saving us from having to enter the inventory to equip it by hand.

In addition, the Diablo Immortal development team also does not forget the legendary objects that have just been added to the game and that will allow us to alter the abilities of our characters.

Blizzard has spent a year locked up and working with Netease in Diablo Immortal, a game that now that the waters are calmer after the announcement of Diablo 4 we are convinced that it will surprise many of the fans of the saga that They will meet the whole essence of Diablo 3 in the palm of your hand.

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