China prohibits playing after 10 PM and more than 90 minutes a day

China prohibits playing after 10 PM and more than 90 minutes a day

The Chinese government is not halfway in terms of the regulation of the video game sector and relying on reports that indicate the existence of an “addiction” to this form of entertainment, as well as its supposed negative effects, has decided to impose new restrictions for underage players.

According to a CNN report, the Chinese government announced new measures that limit more the use of video games for minors, which are designed to avoid and, if necessary, combat health problems that are thought to be related to this activity. . The information indicates that players under 18 will not be able to play at night because there will be a digital “curfew” that will be active from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Also, this age group may not play more than 90 minutes on weekdays and the period will be extended to 3 hours on weekends and holidays.

These actions will be applied to all platforms and companies in the sector that have operations in China, including Tencent, so they will immediately have to adapt whatever is necessary on their digital platforms to respond to the requirement of the Chinese authorities.

On the other hand, microtransactions will also undergo changes, since children under 16 years of age cannot spend more than $ 29 USD per month on additional content for video games, while those between 16 and 18 years will have a limit of $ 57 USD.

Another item that will make changes is the content review and the Chinese government announced that the controls will be more stringent, especially regarding material that involves violence or sexual issues.

Finally, the report refers that the Chinese authorities are close to implementing a new online identification system that would operate with the unique national registration number of each player, in order to have greater control and monitoring of the game sessions and operations that take place in them.

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