Watch the trailer for “Lovecraft Country” HBO’s new cosmic horror series

Watch the trailer for ‘Lovecraft Country’, HBO's new cosmic horror series

The HBO television network has released the first official trailer for Lovecraft Country, its new original series based on the novel of the same name published by Matt Ruff in 2016.

In summary, the series (as well as the novel) explores H. P. Lovecraft’s complex cosmic universe and combines it with racial issues in the USA. USA during the Jim Crow laws of the 1830’s.

J. J. Abrams produces this new series of cosmic horror in the company of the emerging director Jordan Peele, and between them they bring together a great curriculum of the genre, with films such as Cloverfield, Get Out, Us and BlacKkKlansman.

Lovecraft Country opens in August and its first season (the only one confirmed at the moment) will have 10 episodes. Check out the first official trailer below.

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