Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer leaks and shows a lot of changes

Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer leaks and shows a lot of changes

As Fortnite is still down as part of The End of Fortnite, much of its community has decided that the best thing to do is to investigate what the hell is going on for the Battle Royale. This is how someone managed to filter a trailer that shows us the news that will be part of Chapter 2 of the Battle Royale.

The video was originally found by Skin Tracker, however, it had to be removed from this site at the request of Epic Games. Fortunately, many players looked fast and backed him. Thanks to this, different copies of the footage are now circulating on different Internet channels, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube

This is a video that, in little more than 30 seconds, shows us a lot of things that will reach Fortnite as part of Chapter 2. The first thing that focuses on is a few skins that follow the same quality line that the ones we’ve seen in past seasons. Things become a bit more interesting when it is revealed to us that there will be new ways to level up in the Battle Pass with medals that are obtained by completing different actions such as getting casualties or getting resources.

That is not all, since the advance also shows us that there will be new game mechanics in Chapter 2 of Fortnite. For example, it will be possible to swim, fish and handle boats, which leads to new gameplay opportunities, such as fighting between boats. We also see that it will be possible to carry injured partners, possibly to heal them in a safer place.

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