SNK confirms that 3 Metal Slug games will arrive in 2020

SNK confirms that 3 Metal Slug games will arrive in 2020

Many old-school gamers are longing for the return of Metal Slug, SNK’s legendary arcade franchise. The Japanese company is aware of the importance of the series and the wishes of the fans, so it recently mentioned that it already has plans for its return. Last year we learned that SNK had 2 games in development, but no further information was revealed. Fortunately today there is excellent news for fans of this run and gun series, as it was revealed that a total of 3 games will debut this year.

Today SNK Interactive, the Korean division of the company, shared a statement (via Siliconera), in which it announced that 3 different Metal Slug projects will arrive in 2020, which takes us by surprise, especially because we only knew of only 2 games that were in development, one for consoles and one for mobile.

According to the information, apart from said titles, there will be one more, which will also come to mobiles and is in charge of SNK in Japan, just like the recently announced mobile project. The other mobile game is run by Tencent Timi Studio.

It is important to say that none of these games has been presented with a trailer, so we do not know what they will look like. Details do not abound, but today it was revealed that the mobile game that was announced today is 80% complete and will be a “2D horizontal scrolling card game” that will debut on mobile with iOS or Android.

If those types of games are not to your liking and it is not what you expected from a franchise like Metal Slug, don’t worry, the project for consoles will be of the horizontal scrolling shooter run and gun genre, just like the past installments of the series, and best of all, it will be aimed at the public from 30 to 40 years, while mobile title will appeal to audiences from 10 to 20 years, according to information from SNK Interactive CEO Jeon Se-hwan. It was not revealed for which consoles the title game will arrive.

Furthermore, it was revealed that SNK has plans to continue expanding current IPs and “develop more than 1 game each year.”

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