Robert Pattinson recants: “Batman is a superhero”

Robert Pattinson recants: "Batman is a superhero"

Robert Pattinson, the British actor who will give life to the next version of Batman in the cinema, has recanted in a recent interview of his words about the character a while ago in which he said he did not consider the Dark Knight a superhero. Now, and in words to the middle Time Out and with the filming of the film already underway, Pattinson has recognized that in his day he was wrong with those words and that, indeed, he already considers Batman a superhero.

At the end of last year and after the confirmation of his election as a new Batman, Pattinson admitted on a couple of occasions that he did not consider Batman a superhero as such. After the stir among the fans, the actor has finally recanted, not without a certain humorous touch. “I was not educated on the subject. People got very angry about that. It’s strange. I still don’t understand the problem. Ok, he’s a superhero, I’m sorry! Next headline: Pattinson recants: Batman is, in fact, a superhero, ”acknowledges the actor.

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