Amazing Funko Pop from Cyberpunk 2077, and one glows in the dark

Amazing Funko Pop! from Cyberpunk 2077, and one glows in the dark

The release of Cyberpunk 2077, the next Projekt RED CD game, is very close. Like another franchise in the entertainment industry, merchandise related to it couldn’t be missing. Among the most popular collectibles are Funko Pop! And if you’re a collector then this is great news as several Cyberpunk 2077-inspired figures were revealed.

Through Twitter, the manufacturing company of these figures revealed the line of collectibles that will debut soon. The collection will include the designs of Johnny Silverhand in 2 models (one crouched and the other standing, with glasses and with a weapon), V in his masculine form and in his feminine form, and Takemura, one of the characters that has appeared in several videos and that apparently will have an important role in the plot.

As you can see, there will be 5 designs, but in total the collection will consist of 6 figures, the 5 designs we will tell you about will have a classic figure; that is to say, they do not have some characteristic element, but they have the size and design of a Funko Pop! normal. However, there will be a sixth figure that you do not want to miss, as it will be an exclusive edition. The toy will have the design of a masculine V, but the special thing is that it will glow in the dark, the details that will shine in the dim light are its eyes and the line of its tennis shoes.

This collection will be available before the game’s debut as it is expected to start being available on August 6 of this year. The price that these figures will have is $ 11.99 USD. They are expected to be available in different stores around the world, but Funko Pop! V Men’s Special Edition will be exclusive to GameStop stores in the United States. It is unknown if it will reach Latin America or if more collectibles are planned.

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