EPIC Games Store celebrate Valentine’s Day with games with up to 75% discount

EPIC Games Store celebrate Valentine's Day with games with up to 75% discount

EPIC Games Store this weekend will be celebrated Valentine, a date to spend with your partner, friends or loved ones. So you can do it and have an amazing time, the Epic Games Store prepared several discounts on games in its catalog. Among them there are titles with up to 75% discount.

If you are looking for something to play in company, either with your partner or with a group of friends, a good option is Overcooked. The Ghost Town Games project is one of the most chaotic and fun cooperative experiences of the past decade. In the Epic Games Store you have a 75% discount, so it can be yours to pay $ 1.99 USD.

On the other hand, if you are going to spend Valentine alone and want something to distract you there are several interesting options. One of them is Journey (33% discount | $ 4.68 USD) a game that can touch your heart by making you connect with other players without using words. Another recommendation is Outer Wilds (20% discount | $ 9.59 USD), a game that will make you explore the universe in an incredible way.

It is important to note that promotions will be available from February 13 to 27.

Here is a list with the most outstanding discounts from the Epic Games Store:

Satisfactory – 10% discount ($ 21.59 USD)
Superliminal – 20% discount ($ 7.99 USD)
Subnautica – 30% discount ($ 8.39 USD)
Wattam – 20% discount ($ 7.99 USD)
Transistor ―80% discount ($ 1.99 USD)
Sinking City – 35% off ($ 18.84 USD)
John Wick Hex – 20% off ($ 7.99 USD)
Light Blue – 62% off ($ 3.79 USD)
Alan Wake – 50% off ($ 1.39 USD)
The Witness – 63% off ($ 7.02 USD)
Axiom Verge – 50% discount ($ 4.99 USD)
Ghostbusters: The Video Game – 20% discount ($ 9.59 USD)

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