Pokémon Home, the service to save Pokémon in the cloud: price, features and more

Pokémon Home, the service to save Pokémon in the cloud: price, features and more

The cloud will become the home of hundreds of creatures, the communication channel between some of the recent video games that make up the GameFreak franchise. The Pokémon Home application will begin its journey from February, as confirmed by The Pokémon Company on the official website of the saga. This cloud service, which will work on Nintendo Switch and compatible mobile phones, will have a free basic plan and a premium subscription model, which will offer subscribers advantages.

In total there are three types of subscriptions: one month, which costs 2.99 euros in the Nintendo eShop, the quarterly (90 days), the price of which is 4.99 euros, and the annual, with a cost of 15 , 99 euros. Below we show you a comparative table with all the information related to the subscription plans.

One of the main functions of the service will be to transfer Pokémon. In the version for Nintendo Switch we can connect with Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! In addition, we will have the possibility of connecting to the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Bank, both from the mobile phone version and from the hybrid version of Kyoto. It is planned that in the future it will also be compatible with Pokémon GO.

It is confirmed that if you transfer a creature from Pokémon Let’s Go to Pokémon Sword and Shield it will not be able to return to the original game, although if it is done between the two editions of Let’s GO, Pikachu and Eevee, the restriction will not be effective. This service will also allow you to exchange copies in four different ways:

  • Prodigious box: if you leave one of your friends in a prodigious box, it will be exchanged with people from all over the globe without you being using the servant.
  • Global exchange system: you can choose the Pokémon you want to exchange and the one you want to receive. Then, you will be paired with another coach who meets the same requirements.
  • Group exchange: you can create a group to make exchanges between the people who are there. There may be up to 20 participants and you will not know the Pokémon you are going to get until the transaction is complete.
  • Exchange with friends: gives you the possibility to exchange Pokémon with other users of your Pokémon Home friends list.
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