Filtration: BioWare prepares an ambitious redesign of Anthem

Filtration: BioWare prepares an ambitious redesign of Anthem

The game, which suffered all the imaginable problems in its development, was the fruit of an anarchic conception that demonstrated that the ‘BioWare method’, a set of improvisations and luck strokes that had succeeded in titles such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, it does not work. Now, after canceling its expansions and updates, the Kotaku media uncovers the ambitious project that seeks to improve, redesign and fix each and every one of Anthem’s failures.

Anthem’s internal change will be massive. Details, as explained in Kotaku, are very scarce, but it is known in what areas they have focused. On the one hand we have the adjustments and profound changes that will be made in the missions or social aspects, confusing and criticized by the players for repetitive, simple or unclear. At the same time, the difficulty will be adjusted, the progression developed in another way and the loot, which was recognized by BioWare as a black point, will be pulled down to completely replace it with a fairer system. But the most striking change is that of the game’s scenario.

The map of the title is completely different, offering now a rich, huge scenario without any barriers. There are no divisions, there are no cuts, and that gives the game a more ambitious and consistent look. In fact, internal sources explain, it now looks more like Anthem’s idea of the media and players with the famous 2017 presentation. This effect, achieved after adjusting the game code and mission structure, has achieved that the study feels like moving forward with more changes in the open world. “We are also looking to break the need to return to Fort Tarsis after each mission,” says the anonymous source. “We also have to explain more precisely what a mission in Anthem is technically. That was always a strange aspect in the game, it made no sense. We are trying to integrate the disparate parts of the game,” he concluded.

BioWare will not leave Anthem

That is the main message they want to offer to all users and for which they are struggling so much to communicate it in the best way.

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