You will unleash a dangerous pandemic in Coronavirus Simulator

You will unleash a dangerous pandemic in Coronavirus Simulator

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused the cancellation of some video game events. However, it also shot sales of a title on pandemics. With the latter in mind, a group of creatives decided to develop a PC game about the disease.

The title in question is called Coronavirus Simulator and, yes, it is a simulator where you can unleash a pandemic and take control of the world. Your goal will be to infect as many people as you improve your resistance to extreme conditions.

You will face several difficulties, so you will have to do everything possible so that an effective vaccine is not developed, circumvent people’s protection measures and modify your structure to be a more effective and lethal virus.

Coronavirus Simulator is a project for PC. Its launch is scheduled for next February 21, when it will be available on Steam. Below I leave you some images of the game:

The title has generated controversy for obvious reasons, so part of the community asks that nobody buy it or give it its support. Apparently, what has bothered most is the tone of humor that prevails in the game and its presentation.

On the other hand, some players take it as a curious project based on a current situation. Its creators claimed that all Coronavirus Simulator characters and events are fictional. In addition, they stressed that the game is not intended to insult or humiliate anyone. With a touch of humor, they also commented that, during the development of the title “no human being or coronavirus was injured.”

Below are some images of the game:
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