You will face dark creatures in the new Anthem themed event

You will face dark creatures in the new Anthem themed event

Anthem suffered a bittersweet release that caused players to gradually lose interest in post-launch content. BioWare devised a new strategy for the launch of news and product of it is the new thematic event that will be available for the game and that promises to offer hours of entertainment at the same time that it is in tune with the celebration of Halloween.

The event has the name “Skull Festivities” and will work similarly to cataclysm, since while it is active it will present new rewards and challenges, while adding a bleak layer to the world of Anthem, which will let dead creatures lurk in the shadows.

The news will affect the areas at the gameplay level, as they will make the experience more difficult, but the score will not be affected. This will result in planning strategies to increase the score and be the leader of the season’s rankings. The modifications applied will change weekly, so you will have a great reason not to leave the game.

In addition to the above, in the Free Game mode, new anomalies will appear according to the faction to which the user belongs and each one will make him face creepy creatures such as scars or ghostly spiders. Completing these events will give access to a battle against a boss who will also change weekly and will give important rewards.
The Fiestas de las Calaveras will introduce new aspects and cosmetic accessories that can be unlocked by playing and overcoming weekly and seasonal challenges. Also, in battles you can get crystals that can be used to obtain war chests or Herschel items, which will have a weekly rotation. We recommend you to play a lot because during this event there will be more chances of legendary objects and an exclusive chest.

If you are interested in participating in this event, you should know that there will be no level restrictions, since it will only be necessary to have finished the Raid story to access the Echoes of Reality level. If you meet that one requirement, then you can be part of the celebration by selecting the option Skull Parties in the Game modes menu.

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