Watch Rammstein’s chaotic 1996 concert complete and restored in high definition

Watch Rammstein's chaotic 1996 concert complete and restored in high definition

Today is one more day of quarantine, which means that we have for you a new content recommendation to see in the running of the bulls.

On this occasion we have found a real gem for all Rammstein fans, which is a concert by the now famous German industrial metal band that took place in 1996, almost 25 years ago!

Back then, Till Lindemann and company had only their debut studio album titled Herzeleid, which opened the world for Rammstein with an international tour spanning a two-year window.

The concert we share with you today occurred on September 27, 1996 at the Arena Berlin in Berlin, Germany and was filmed with multiple cameras to become Rammstein’s first live VHS.

However, different errors from both the band and production pushed back the project and the only thing that remained from that night were the recordings of all the cameras that were placed in the forum to record the concert.

In fact, in the first song of the concert, titled “Rammstein”, one of the elements of the stage fell to the public, so Till Lindemann stopped singing to assist people. Due to this incident, a woman in the audience was seriously injured.

Years later, the band itself sent a copy of this concert to their fan club and immediately became a collector’s item for Rammstein’s culture around the world.

Today, the Rammstein Live Recordings channel has rescued this entire concert and below you can see it complete, restored and remastered.

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