Very soon you will fight in a very important coastal confrontation in Battlefield V

Very soon you will fight in a very important coastal confrontation in Battlefield V

DICE and Electronic Arts remain committed to the post-launch content of Battlefield V and as they recently revealed, a new chapter would allow players to fight a major battle in a coastal area. The wait is about to end, because today the companies released all the details and when Chapter 5: War in the Pacific will be available.

This new content will add the 2 factions Armed Forces of the United States and the Imperial Japanese Army. In addition, the Pacific Storm map will arrive and the classic Iwo Jima and Wake Island maps (available in December) will be back, but reinvented.

As for weapons, DICE added a diverse arsenal of World War II. Players will be able to find the Type 99 Arisaka rifle, the Japanese Type 100 weapon, the M1919A6, the M1 Garand and even katanas, as well as many others that will arrive as part of Tides of War. Like the katana, the M2 Flamethrower can be equipped if found on the map.

Within the new content vehicles could not be missing, so it was revealed that there will be many battleships, such as M4 Sherman tanks, Type 97, other amphibians, such as LVT and Ka-Mi Light, as well as F4U Corsair or Japanese Zero airships Fighter. It is important to mention that there will be more ramifications in the Specializations section that will grant more variety and efficiency.

To complement the above, it was also revealed that in Chapter 5: War in the Pacific there will be new reinforcements for both sides and that you can get the new Elite skins Jack Culver and Keisuke Nakamura.

Finally, you should know that there will be rewards that will be unlocked by playing, so we recommend you try this new chapter in Battlefield V and accept the weekly challenges, which will also offer important unlockables and experience points.

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