This popular Overwatch heroine joined Heroes of the Storm

This popular Overwatch heroine joined Heroes of the Storm

It’s a fact that Heroes of the Storm has received less support from Blizzard in the past few months. Despite this, the company has no plans to abandon its MOBA, as it actually worked on a major update and a new character.

This time it was up to a popular and beloved Overwatch heroine to join the battles of Heroes of the Storm. Likewise, Blizzard presented a new Anomaly of the Nexus, mechanics that seek to renew and give a fresh air to the title.

The Heroes of the Storm community can now play with Overwatch’s Mei-Ling Zhou on the test servers. The heroine will use icy attacks to take down her enemies.

Among its basic abilities is Blinding Snow, which damages and slows down enemies with a snowball that hits a specific area. You can also use Blizzard, which deals 13 damage every 0.25 seconds and slows by 7%. The effect builds up to 35%.

Mei can use Skating to glide in a specific direction to repel and damage nearby enemies. Her first heroic ability is Avalanche, which deals 220 damage and stuns opponents with a huge snowball.

Heroin can create a wall that traps heroes and holds them for a few seconds. The wall will melt and cause 75% slow for 3 seconds. Lastly, her trait is Cryonic, which will wrap her in an ice shield that will absorb 1104 damage. Below is the trailer for Mei:

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