This is how the game “WILD” looks like

This is how the game "WILD" looks like

During Sony’s conference at gamescom 2014 on Tuesday, August 12, WiLD was revealed, an exclusive title for PlayStation 4 from the new independent studio by Michel Ancel (creator of Rayman) called Wild Sheep. According to the creator himself, the size of the game’s stage will be equal to the extent of the whole of Europe, in addition to having stations and dynamic weather, and it will be full of interactive opportunities that seem endless.

WiLD will be an open-world survival title with touches of fantasy, established 10,000 years ago. In it we will take the role of a human or some other living being found in the game universe and every time we are there, we will discover new things, even in places that we have already visited.

The combination of all of the above will create new opportunities for play, especially how we face various situations, especially when playing online. For now, there is no established departure date for the project, since it is only in an early stage of development.

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