They catch Xiaomi by sending user data to China, Singapore and Russia

They catch Xiaomi by sending user data to China, Singapore and Russia

Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, ranking fourth according to data from last year. This means that the company has many users, with approximately 7.52% market share. Xiaomi’s phones are as affordable as they are of good quality, and that is slowly taking them to the top.

Unfortunately not everything is rosy: A recent report reveals that the company registers the private data of its users and stores them on different servers. This is not the first time that a phone company has been caught on the spot, but it is still sad. And frankly, terrifying.

Xiaomi records the usage patterns of users and sends them to its servers

According to the report, a user who recently purchased the Redmi Note 8 discovered that much of what he was doing was being sent to servers hosted by Alibaba. And not only that, these servers were rented by Xiaomi.

Browsing the Internet using Xiaomi’s default browser results in it registering all visited websites, including text entered in search engines regardless of which one is being used. This does not stop even if the user uses incognito mode. In addition, every time something is seen in the News function of the Xiaomi software, it is also tracked.

The phone was also caught recording the files that the user opened and the screens that it slid, including the status bar and settings. Even the Xiaomi music application collects information. This means that even the type of music you listen to is of interest to Xiaomi. Are you already disturbed?

The user also talks about how it was not only the websites or the searches that were sent to the servers, but data from the phone itself; Unique numbers used to identify devices are also being collected.

All this data was saved and sent to remote servers located in countries like Singapore and Russia. However, the domain they were hosting was located in Beijing, China.

What do you think about this? Will it affect your plans to have a Xiaomi?

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