The Witcher on Netflix: Season 2 will feature a Game of Thrones actor

The Witcher on Netflix: Season 2 will feature a Game of Thrones actor

The Season 2 of The Witcher on Netflix has just started shooting; and along with such promising news for fans, a new actor has been confirmed to appear in this second batch of chapters. This is Kristofer Hivku, a well-known face of the Game of Thrones of HBO, a series in which he played the brave but somewhat inopportune Tormund, Jon Snow’s arms mate.

Kristofer Hivku will be Nivellen in The Witcher

This has been confirmed by the Redanian Intelligence portal, ensuring that Kristofer Hivku will play a character known for now as Nigel, code name of Nivellen, protagonist of The Seed of Truth, a short story belonging to the collection The Last Wish, where Geralt he meets a man under the mask of a monster, called Nivellen, a daring and charming aristocrat who weighs a curse for his crimes of the past.

The witcher nivelle

However, it seems that this second season of The Witcher will address several of the adventures of the sorcerer alone, although it would not be strange that he had Ciri’s company. Of course, at the moment there is no detail about the plot of this new batch of chapters; For the moment, we know that Freya Allen recently began training to face this new shoot, all so that the series returns at some point in 2021, on a specific date yet to be determined.

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