Sony reveals it wants to acquire more studios and bring its PlayStation games to PC

Sony reveals it wants to acquire more studios and bring its PlayStation games to PC

Sony itself, in its latest financial report, revealed that it not only seeks to expand the number of ‘First Party’ or PlayStation Studios associated with its PlayStation platform, but also to port these games to PC to generate extra income, and that is, the games Each time they have higher costs associated with their development, to the point that the support of the PC would be vital to maintain the trend of launching a large number of exclusive titles of Triple A category, and that all of these are profitable to develop.

To enforce Content Intellectual Property (IP), Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will accelerate the enhancement and launch of its portfolio of exclusive PlayStation products. As a result of cooperation with internal development and partner companies, the sale of PlayStation 4 titles continues to grow, and the intention is to further enhance the lineup with compelling content. Along with that, further growth in recurring revenue will be achieved through various network service enhancements.

By introducing new technologies in speed, haptic and sound, we can further enhance the exclusive experience available on the PlayStation 4, and focus on making the PlayStation 5 a true next-generation console by providing gaming experiences that were not possible. before. The games for the PlayStation 5 that offer this new gaming experience are being made for both the 1st, 2nd and 3rd parties and we plan to introduce a compelling line of titles to our users.

SIE plans to provide content for a variety of game genres and formats, and to advance interactive experiences based on Virtual Reality. At the same time, SIE aims to create a better user experience, improve usability, and strengthen its use of data analytics. Making the best use of existing and new partnerships, while driving growth for further expansions in scale. By maintaining the momentum that the PlayStation 4 built so far, we will promote a smooth transition to the PlayStation 5.

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