Sony Creates $ 100 MDD Fund to Fight Coronavirus

Sony Creates $ 100 MDD Fund to Fight Coronavirus

Various companies have joined forces to combat the coronavirus and help those most in need during these difficult times. Sony has just joined this fight, as it created an important aid fund to support various organizations and sectors such as health.

According to the details, Sony Corporation established a global aid fund of $ 100 MDD that will generally be used to help those affected by the pandemic. Additionally, the company investigates ways to use its technology to help the cause.

Sony is currently working on several major projects with its various divisions, including PlayStation 5. Despite this, it will take an active role in the fight against the coronavirus. Initially, $ 10 MDD from your fund will go to help various organizations.

These include the World Health Organization, the United Nations Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

On the other hand, the fund will also be used to support the health workers sector and other organizations involved in fighting the pandemic. Part of the money will go to the education sector, as it will serve to support teachers and students. In addition, members of the entertainment industry will be supported.

Sony is looking for a strategy to help the creators of music, cinema, games and animation that have been affected by the current crisis. Many of them had to cancel or postpone their projects, so the company will seek to be a support for the future.

Lastly, Sony confirmed that its more than 110,000 employees worldwide will be able to contribute to the cause with voluntary donations, which will also be used to fight the coronavirus.

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