Reviews are now available in the Epic Games Store!

Reviews are now available in the Epic Games Store!!!

The launch of Epic Games Store occurred just over 1 year ago; However, the interesting thing has been the following months, because the platform has evolved and incorporated new features that make it more attractive. One of the most anticipated is a review system so that users can guide their purchase. If you are one of those who are eager to enjoy this feature, there is good news, since the function already appears in the Epic Games Store.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Epic Games planned to implement a review system that would be provided by OpenCritic. Today the feature finally appeared on the page, but it was noticed that not all the criticisms available in OpenCritic appear on the pages of the games in the Epic Games Store and the company clarified what happens.

Through a statement sent to PC Gamer, OpenCritic revealed that only some reviews of the site are chosen through the Epic Games algorithm, which is based on the “notoriety of publications” and “the disparity between the issuer’s score and the average. ” Also, this algorithm takes into account other factors, such as the inclusion of inappropriate language or if they mention console versions. As you can imagine, the latter is very important, because sometimes the adaptations tend to impair performance and the console version is usually very different from that of PC.

Another detail that should be taken into account when checking a rating is that it shows the number of reviewers recommended by the game and does not mean the average of ratings received, so some games may have a very high number at the same time as the Individual ratings of reviewers may be less high or vice versa.

Finally, you should know that, according to PC Gamer, there are no user reviews, which means that there will be no negative review attacks at the moment, as happens in other platforms when users agree to demerit a game and cram it negative reviews.

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