Recommendations of an infectologist to avoid getting COVID-19 at a Walmart

Recommendations of an infectologist to avoid getting COVID-19 at a Walmart

There are a number of aspects that facilitate the spread of COVID-19 and the recommendations given by the health authorities must be taken into account to reduce the risk of contracting this pathogen.

Going to shop at a supermarket becomes one of the moments of greatest risk for the spread of the coronavirus, since it forces people to be outdoors and with other people, so the recommendation is to always do it to buy basic products.

To further reduce the risks, an infectologist has released a series of recommendations, which are worth taking into account when making purchases.

Recommendations for making a purchase at the supermarket
The infectologist Juan Luis Mosqueda, who serves as director of the Hospital de Alta Especialidad in León, has assured that there are a series of recommendations that, if followed, will help people to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the choroanvirus, by going to make the purchase from a supermarket like Walmart, Soriana, Superama, Aurrera, Chedraui or the Oxxo on the corner.

The first aspect that he recognizes is that we cannot stop supplying the house’s pantry with basic products, which makes it necessary to have to go out and do the shopping, so you have to consider that to go out you only have to do the purchase of essential products.

Second, before going to the supermarket, ask people to wash their hands with soap and water, in addition to always going with a bottle of gel alcohol to use it constantly.

The third recommendation is that you do not touch your face, as a fourth recommendation is to maintain a distance of between a meter and a half and 2 meters, with the people with whom you live.

Another element that he recommends is the correct use of the mask, which he says should cover from the nose to the chin, this mask should not be touching to accommodate it and should not be removed to speak, cough or sneeze. that will avoid leaving saliva drops exposed on surfaces.

A sixth recommendation is that once the shopping cart is left you should avoid touching your face at all costs.

In his seventh recommendation, the infectologist ensures that it is not necessary to have gloves on to make the purchase.

An eighth recommendation is that the cell phone should not be used, first because the device is being infected with the hands that have already touched various surfaces, in addition to speaking through this device dropping saliva.

As a ninth recommendation, ask to keep a shopping list to save time in the purchase, it also gives the recommendation to disinfect your hands before taking out the wallet or purse to pay.

Once you get home, he recommends that you wash your hands with soap and water, in addition to washing the products that you bought, as these are handled by the hands of the consumer, the hands of the employees who arranged the products, and possibly they sneezed or talked about them and the hands of the person who attended the box.

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