No Man’s Sky Synthesis arrives on November 28 with news and improvements

No Man's Sky Synthesis arrives on November 28 with news and improvements

Hello Games continues to work to improve No Man’s Sky with the release of new updates from time to time; Thus, after large patches loaded with improvements and developments such as Atlas Rises, Path Finder or Beyond, among others, now comes the turn of Synthesis through the 2.2 update of the game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, available at no cost from Tomorrow, November 28, 2019.

No Man’s Sky receives a new patch that aims to add numerous content and fix problems detected by both the community and Hello Games, as well as other improvements at the technical level, among which are:

  • The possibility of playing in First-Person Exocraft mode for all versions, without the need for VR.

  • Unification of all VR features for all versions, such as photo mode or the so-called Creature Riding.

  • Now we can save the custom outfits of our character.

  • A new terrain editing system has been added with visual improvements and technical optimizations with unprecedented effects and new restoration and flattening options. On the other hand, land issues are now protected from regeneration.

  • Star ship improvements with more inventory slots and new levels of improvement; For its part, we can take advantage of the Spaceship Equipment Terminal to extract scrap metal and other producer and technology for our inventory.

  • The space map receives numerous visual improvements.

And these are just some of the novelties of No Man’s Sky Synthesis; Do not hesitate to consult the complete list of improvements and new content through the official Hello Games page dedicated to the new free update.

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