Nioh 2 confirms a new free demo for PS4 on February 28

Nioh 2 confirms a new free demo for PS4 on February 28

Nioh 2 will have a new free demo on PS4 next February 28. Sony has confirmed through the official PlayStation blog that the expected Team Ninja title can be tested before its launch on March 13 through a limited trial version available from the PlayStation Store.

According to the information, it will be from Friday, February 28, at 01:00 (CEST) until Monday, March 2 at 00:59 (CEST) when this free playable advance can be searched, where some of The news of the sequel. Among them, the customization of the protagonist.

The demo of Nioh 2 will feature Yokai invocations as an aid in combat, as well as the possibility of using the new alternate guja, “a perverse scythe-like weapon that transforms by brandishing it.”

In total, three missions where we will test our skills as a samurai on Mount Tenno, which is full of armed creatures. It should be said that all the progress of the demo cannot be transferred to the full version; although the appearance of the character we created. The editor will be complete, as in the final version.

  • Beginning of the demo: Friday, February 28 at 01:00
  • End of the demo: Monday, March 2 at 00:59
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