More than $ 300K USD worth of RTX 3090 cards stolen from a factory

More than $ 300,000 USD worth of RTX 3090 cards stolen from a factory

It rains again in the wet for the PC gaming community that is desperate to update their hardware. As if the availability problems of RTX cards caused by production problems and hoarders, now a millionaire theft of RTX 3090 cards is reported.

As reported by PC Gamer, at an MSI factory in China there was a massive theft of RTX 3090 cards. According to reports, it was this morning that a group of thieves stole 40 shipments containing RTX 3090 cards, the top of the range of the new Nvidia card family.

The value of the stolen products is estimated to be $ 336,500 USD; that is, $ 6,688,290.83 MXN with the current exchange rate. This means that just over 200 RTX 3090 cards were stolen.

Without a doubt, this is bad news for the entire PC Gaming community. After all, these graphics cards have been very difficult to find in authorized stores. Additionally, its resale value has skyrocketed to over $ 2,000 USD.

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