Metro Exodus: Sam’s story is shown in his launch trailer

Metro Exodus: Sam's story is shown in his launch trailer

Leaving safe environments is never simple, that is a lesson that the survivors of the debacle in Moscow have learned by blood and fire. Metro Exodus, the game developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver, tells the story of Artyom, who along with other people decides to leave the tunnels of Mother Russia to go outside, even without the certainty of what will be found . In Sam’s Story, which will complete the videogame’s expansion plans, we will live the adventure from another perspective. 

The expansion, now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Staida, puts us in the shoes of Sam, a former US Army Marine who in the past was under the command of Colonel Miller, long after the nuclear disaster it will hit Russia with the full force of its bombs. Since then, they thought that the world was not going to be habitable again, that only under the tunnels would life be conserved, while the outside would be a mere empty shell without living souls.

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