Maneater game will arrive at the May 22

Maneater game will arrive at the Epic Games Store on May 22

Tripwire Interactive announced, during the Game Awards 2019, that the action RPG developed by the Blindside studio, starring no more and no less than a shark, will arrive on PC on May 22, and will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store during twelve months. Then, it will reach other digital platforms such as Steam and GOG, as well as consoles from Deep Silver.

Live a great fantasy of power as the maximum marine predator: the giant shark Sows terror on the coasts. Rip limbs off swimmers and divers and make humans fear you!

Maneater is a single player RPG action game set in the merciless waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Fight to survive on the high seas, swamps and rivers full of dangers. Your weapons will be your wits, your jaws and your ability to evolve as you feed.

Eat. Explore. Evolve!

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