LoL player dies 700 times in one game and breaks world record

LoL player dies 700 times in one game and breaks world record

Recently, a League of Legends player managed to break a world record. The funny thing is that he did not show his talent or present incredible skills. In fact, what happened is that he became the player who has died the most times in a League of Legends game.

As DotEsports reports, the person responsible for this achievement was Lowo, an EUW player who died 700 times in a 151-minute game playing as Nunu. This translates into an average of 5 deaths per minute.

Now, it is important to note that everything indicates that Lowo’s feat was planned. In other words, he allowed himself to be killed and did not play normally. We say this since the League of Graphs figures indicate that in this game Nunu had no casualties or assistance.

Thus, everything indicates that, during this game, Lowo only sent Nunu to die. That said, it must be recognized that the speed with which he achieved these losses is really impressive. Especially since it is seen that he built the character to die as soon as possible.


Previously, the record for casualties in a League of Legends game belonged to Wukony, a player who suffered 686 casualties in a 207-minute game. As you can see, Lowo’s record was broken both in terms of the number of casualties and time.

And you, what do you think about this record? Did you think someone would do something like that?

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