Just Cause study reveals Second Extinction, a dinosaur shooting game

Just Cause study reveals Second Extinction, a dinosaur shooting game

Today was held the Inside Xbox special Xbox 20/20, in which Microsoft would show some titles from external studios that will support Xbox Series X in its first stage of life and among them is Second Extinction, an interesting title that will try to mix the shooting genre with dinosaurs.

Developed by Systemic Reaction, a subsidiary company of the Avalanche Studios Group (Mad Max, Just Cause), this title will offer a fast-paced first-person shooter experience with a focus on cooperative multiplayer.

In Second Extinction the premise is that “evil mutant dinosaurs” took over the Earth and your mission will be to eradicate this threat that has made the world an inhospitable place. After the invasion, the humans escaped to the orbital station and will now return to Earth to find out more about the threat and face it in the War of Extinction.

Players will be able to choose from 4 characters at first, but the squad is expected to grow after launch. The title will consist of the pairing with up to 2 other players and between all of them they will have to stop the dinosaurs, which will whip the players in great numbers. Upon completing the missions, users will have to fight their way back home, where they can use the rewards to buy and upgrade weapons.

According to the study in charge (which will be his first project), in Second Extinction there will be a lot of action, explosions and violence, as a huge number of dinosaurs will crowd the players. Another interesting detail is the title will not be open world, but rather Systemic Reaction refers to it as a Great Map, since, when using short and long range weapons, they thought that it would be better to design the world without neglecting a structure that allows approach combat strategically and interestingly.

The developer also mentioned that the title will have a post-launch support model, since they hope to bring more content after it debuts, in order to enrich the experience.

We leave you with the reveal trailer, which contains gameplay, below.

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