Epic Games had to modify the Unreal Engine 5 because the PS5’s SSD was too fast

Epic Games had to modify the Unreal Engine 5 because the PS5's SSD was too fast

New news is coming from Epic Games and the PlayStation 5, and of course, this news is focused on the SSD of the console and the graphic demo shown by means of the Unreal Engine 5 of the company.

As revealed in an interview by Nick Penwarden, vice president of engineering at Epic Games, the PlayStation 5’s SSD is so fast that they had to rewrite the core of the I / O subsystem to take advantage of the capabilities it offers.

“The ability to stream content at extreme speeds enables developers to create denser, more detailed environments, changing the way we think about streaming content. It’s so shocking that we’ve rewritten our input and output subsystems on the Unreal Engine with PlayStation 5 in mind, “said Nick Penwarden in an interview for VG247.

There really is a lot of hype around the console SSD, and yes, it is faster than a PCI-Express 4.0 SSD due to existing limitations in the controllers. While the SSD is being sold as a revolution, this really is so because now the creators of graphics engines and studios have been forced to take advantage of the real capabilities of an SSD, something that was not done on PC and the only improvements made during years are a mere reduction in load times. Now with three platforms using an SSD, it is profitable for everyone involved to design all their games with a great emphasis on the SSD, something that until now no one had done, so really all platforms will benefit.

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