Dr. Disrespect Shares Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory And Audience Annoyed

Dr. Disrespect Shares Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory And Audience Annoyed

Humanity is at an important point where it is important to work together and stay home to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) from taking more lives. Unfortunately, there are people who do not understand the seriousness of the situation, while there are others who even consider everything to be a lie. One of the first group is Dr. Disrespect, a popular streamer who shared a conspiracy theory with his audience.

In a live broadcast that took place on Friday of last week, Dr Disrespect shared 2 articles related to coronaviruses that have already been denied by various scientists and official sources. As you can imagine, much of his audience reacted negatively to this situation, while many others supported.

First, Dr. Disrespect shared an opinion piece in which a columnist points out that it is time to end social distancing. The above arguing that the virus only seriously affects a small number of people. The columnist also invites people to think about seeking group immunity, despite the fact that scientists are still not completely sure that contracting the disease will grant a long period of immunity and that this strategy failed in the United Kingdom.

As Kotaku mentions, Dr. Disrespect also highlighted that the capacity of some hospitals has not been exceeded as an argument that social distancing must be broken. This caused anger in part of their audience, who explained that some hospitals still have capacity thanks to the efforts that many have made to remain in quarantine.

“My grandfather died from this. Do you have a virology degree? Talk about what you know, “commented one of the annoying fans.

The situation did not end there and continued to escalate, since after reading this article, Dr. Disrespect shared a coronavirus conspiracy theory (COVID-19).

What happens is that the streamer showed a video from a doctor named Thomas Cowan who assure that 5G technology is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. It should be mentioned that the erroneous theory has been denied by several individuals and should not be believed.

It is worth mentioning that, in the broadcast, Dr. Disrespect did not openly agree with what Cowan says. However, he made it clear that this information, added to what he had shown before, was something that had him “upset”.

Although it may seem innocent or a casual conversation, it must be remembered that humanity is in a difficult period and that information of this type can result in people taking things lightly. In fact, in the world we have already seen protests from people who believe that the coronavirus is a lie. This, added to the lack of care, can result in the situation only getting worse.

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