Do you need a mouthpiece? You’ll be fascinated by these amazing Switch-inspired designs

Do you need a mouthpiece? You'll be fascinated by these amazing Switch-inspired designs

One of the most popular products in this time of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is the mouth mask to such an extent that finding one at the moment is a complicated task or is very expensive. One thing that is not in short supply is the creativity of Nintendo fans, who recently created some fantastic mouthpiece designs inspired by the hybrid console.

As reported by Nintendo Soup, a fan created some mouth covers that have the image of the Nintendo Switch. The best thing is that these products have 2 variants, inspired by the version with the Joy-Con neon yellow and neon pink and the model neon red and neon blue.

The interesting thing is that the fan’s work turned out to be very attractive, since he managed to capture the elements of these consoles in addition to the color. What we say is that in the mouthpiece there are details made in what appears to be felt with the shape of the different controls of the gamepad, such as the 2 levers, the 4 directional buttons and the 4 X, Y, B and A buttons.

We leave you the 2 images shared by the official Uwants account on Facebook.

Switch mouthpiece
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