Developers claim that PS5 is the console with the best architecture ever

Developers claim that PS5 is the console with the best architecture ever

Sony has attracted the gaze of the video game industry after announcing that it will hold a presentation event in which it will reveal the games that will come to PlayStation 5. The users of the brand are not the only ones excited about the new Sony system, but the developers are also, because there are even some who claim that it is the one with the best architecture in all of history.

Information about the new Sony console is circulating more smoothly and on the eve of the reveal of the games it will be able to run, information emerged indicating that the developers continue to praise the PlayStation 5.

These statements come from GamesBeat, specifically from Jeff Grubb, who anticipated that Sony would hold a presentation in early June, something that has already been confirmed. According to Grubb, “developers and distributors continue to enhance the design of the PS5” and mentioned that some even confessed to GamesBeat that the PlayStation 5 “has a better architecture than any other console in history.”

We remind you that next June 4 the PlayStation 5 game reveal event will be held, so it is very likely that the console or more details about this architecture that the developers talk about so much will not be shown. However, the June event is the first in a series of more presentations Sony is preparing, so we may soon know more about it.

Currently there is a lot of skepticism around the Sony console, especially since many doubt the advantage that the console could get thanks to the power of the SSD architecture. However, there are already several who mention that it will be an important part of the system to such a degree that it rivals the best current PCs, according to Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games.

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