Demon’s Souls remake glitch lets you defeat enemies with a single hit

Demon's Souls remake glitch lets you defeat enemies with a single hit

A few days before the premiere, Demon’s Souls has given much to talk about because of the secrets that fans have found and the newest is a glitch that allows players to break the game and annihilate all enemies with just one hit.

The glitch in question was discovered by the game community and is shown in action by YouTube user ymfah, in addition to detailing step by step how to replicate it from the start of a game. This trick basically consists of raising the luck points in the statistics of a character by means of a glitch.

But first, it is necessary to obtain the necessary materials to forge the Blueblood Sword, a weapon that bases its attack power on the luck of the user and that requires 18 points of Strength, Dexterity, Magic and Faith to equip it.

If you have those requirements, you just have to try your luck and find the Gold Coin, a rare consumable that is thrown by certain enemies of the 2-2 world, in The Tunnel City and that could involve some farming. However, by getting this coin you will have what it takes to replicate the glitch.

You will only have to go to the Maiden in Black and just before talking to her, you will have to consume the Gold Coin and quickly talk to her and open the level up menu (Seek soul power) and you will immediately see how it goes up automatically the luck attribute while the Gold Coin effect is active.

The interesting thing is that, since the Blueblood Sword is the only weapon whose physical and magical damage rises the more the user’s luck, the power it can inflict by taking advantage of this glitch is simply devastating. Additionally, raising your luck raises your charged attack power (R2), allowing any attack made with this button to deal high damage.

Increasing luck also increases the probability of finding loot absurdly when defeating enemies, so finding items like Gold Coin now won’t be difficult at all.

As you can see, ymfah was able to raise her luck to 82,503 points, which would cost her 1,052,770,304 souls, but apparently they are not necessary, because she had only 8,443 and did not have to spend them. As a result, her primary weapon charged attack power rose to 6567 points on her first visit to the Maiden in Black.

This trick can be repeated ad nauseam, so an incredible amount of luck points can be earned for each coin, while increasing the damage the Blueblood Sword deals.

It is important to mention that, considering how easy the game can be broken with this glitch, it is very likely that Bluepoint Games is already working on a patch, so it will probably no longer be available in a few days. Meanwhile, we leave you the video with the steps to replicate the glitch.

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