DAEMON X MACHINA will arrive at Steam this February 13

DAEMON X MACHINA will arrive at Steam this February 13

Previously exclusive to Nintendo Switch, XSEED Games and Marvelous USA announced today that DAEMON X MACHINA, the last title of Kenichiro Tsukuda, creator of the Armored Core series, will arrive on PC via Steam on February 13 for $ 59.99 or regional price.

Get ready to fight a terrible war between humans and machines in DAEMON X MACHINA, a shooting and action game with frantic fighting, destruction everywhere and a wide arsenal of weapons. Enter a futuristic battlefield and fight for the destiny of humanity.

After the fall of the Moon, humanity created an advanced artificial intelligence to rebuild the world. However, following the same disaster, the Immortals appeared, a race of evil machines that turned artificial intelligence against their creators. The hope that predicted a better future soon became a ruthless struggle for survival.

Now a war is waged that does not seem to have an end between the consortiums and the Immortals, with the destiny of humanity on the scale. Join the ranks of the Reclaimers, an elite group of mercenaries, and unveil the secret of the Immortals before it’s too late.

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