Crucible, Amazon shooter, will come to Steam with a Battle Royale mode

Crucible, Amazon shooter, will come to Steam with a Battle Royale mode

Amazon has several games in development and some of them are slated to debut this year. We recently told you about Crucible, a competitive shooter in development for PC.

Relentless Studios and Amazon Games had revealed very few details about this project, which was originally due to debut in March. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, he suffered a delay.

Fortunately, its development is on track, so the companies revealed their first trailer and finally confirmed their new release date.

Crucible will be available to all players, as it will be offered as a free-to-play title for PC. This means that anyone can download it for free.

The competitive shooter will premiere on May 20 on Steam, Valve’s platform. The shooter will turn players into hunters, who will be able to select from 10 characters from various factions, such as humans, robots and aliens.

The game will have a world full of hostile creatures and flashy locations. Players must complete a series of missions in their quest for Essence, a resource that enhances hunter skills.

In its premiere, Crucible will feature 10 different protagonists, each with a unique combat style. Players will be able to level up to gain more skills and perform better on the battlefield. Below is his first trailer:

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