Check out these amazing Pac-Man clothes

Check out these amazing Pac-Man clothes !!!

This year Pac-Man will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Bandai Namco already announced that there will be many surprises related to his iconic character and if you are one of the old-school players who grew up with him and want to show your passion the franchise, then you will be interested to know that you can already do it with a fantastic clothing line .

Recently, the Champion brand, focused on casual attire and sports, announced its alliance with Pac-Man, thanks to which various products will arrive with designs inspired by the character of the golden age of arcade.

What catches the attention of the Champion × Pac-Man collection is that it will feature the classic image of the character, which is the one most remembered by the veterans of the control. Within the clothing line there are shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, caps and pants. An interesting detail is that in several designs the Pac-Man icon is part of the word “Champion”.

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