Capcom rejected a dream crossover: let a Street Fighter fight in Mortal Kombat

Capcom rejected a dream crossover: let a Street Fighter fight in Mortal Kombat

The number of crossovers in which Ryu has participated is record: the Street Fighter has crossed his fists against the characters of Tekken, Marvel, Tatsunoku, Arika, Nintendo, SEGA, SNK … He has even been seen hunting in Monster Hunter!

Now, there is a really notable exception: Mortal Kombat. Moreover, Ed Boon has been expressing his interest in crossing his fighting series with Capcom’s for years. However, Osaka’s company is not for the job.

In a recent interview with Yoshinori Ono – the head of the World Warriors saga – with Eurogamer, he discussed the future of Ryu and company and, between question and question, confirmed that Boon requested to include one of the Street Fighter fighters in Mortal Kombat to Capcom.

The short answer is that the proposal of the creator of Scorpion and Sub Zero was rejected. Now, Ono had nothing to do with that decision.

It is true that Capcom rejected a proposal to [include] a Street Fighter character in Mortal Kombat. But it was not me who rejected it!

There were many people in the company who felt that [Mortal Kombat] didn’t fit well with our characters. In fact, I met Ed at the Brazil Game Show and we talked in person about that. It’s true [about the petition], but I didn’t make the decision!

The reality is that, beyond Ryu, several Street Fighters have participated in games such as Tekken, SEGA or SNK, who have also been historical rivals in the field of fighting. But it is also true that Mortal Kombat is a special saga.

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